Norman and Miller Eyecare is an independent optometry practice that has been serving central Indiana since 1982. Our doctors and staff take pride in providing the best possible care for you and your entire family. State-of-the-art technology is used in all our locations, giving our doctors the ability to diagnosis and treat all ocular diseases.  With ten office locations, our team can serve your eye care needs wherever you might live. Check out our Locations Page to find an office that is close to you! Please don't hesitate contact one of our offices if you have further questions. 

We would like to welcome you to our family of patients and look forward to caring for your eye care needs for years to come!

Eyeglass Lens Technology
With the recent advancement in eyeglass lens technology, our doctors and staff will find the correct lens technology that works for your visual needs. Today, many careers involve the use of digital devices. At our offices, we’re able to provide technologies that accompany the growing strain our eyes experience with full time computer use. Ask our team what technologies would work best for you in the digital world we now live in. 

Frame Manufacturers
Our offices carry a large selection of designer frames that fit everyone's budget and needs. If there is a specific frame you're wanting, do not hesitate to ask our staff to order it in. Please keep in mind that the frame selection may vary depending on which location you visit. We're able to order various brands, colors, and materials to fit your individual style.  

Contact Lenses
Along with the new developments in contact lens technologies, our doctors are more successful than ever at fitting a wider range of patients with contact lenses.​ This includes astigmatism lenses, multifocal lenses, and daily-disposable contact lenses to name a few. Our doctors will learn your contact lens wearing habits and discuss options that work best for your individual eye care needs. We carry all the top contact lens manufacturers and technologies at all our offices. We now provide a service where you can also order contact lenses online through our website! 


Comprehensive Eye Care For All Ages!